Travel Q&A: The European Union I ‘d likewise like to go to I…

Travel Q&A: The European Union
I ‘d likewise like to go to Italy, and I understand I can drive there from Spain. My concern is about my passport; will I require to reveal it when I cross the border from Spain to Italy and vice versa? I understand they’re both in the European Union, so I’m not sure if regular border controls use.

It’s a simple error to make. In the United Kingdom, for instance, you do not require a passport to cross the border from England to Scotland or Wales to England – so there is a precedent for this thinking. The European Union is mainly a political union – the nations within it stay different, and routine border controls use.

On another note, while it’s reasonable that you do not wish to bring your passport with you, in some European nations you are needed to do so by law. In Italy, for instance, cops can ask and stop anybody, at any time, to produce paperwork regarding their identity. It is for that reason worth buying a money-belt or comparable to keep your passport in, so if you do get stopped, you will not have any issues.

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