Shopkick Review | The Easy Way To Earn From Shopping?

Have you ever thought of walking into a store and just by scanning some items, then get points that can be exchanged to a gift card?

That may sound a little out of the ordinary cashback program, but yes, there is an app that can give you a gift card with or without spending your money.

This app I am talking about is called Shopkick and today, I will share with you this cashback app that I have been using in this Shopkick review.

I like window shopping and going to physical stores to shop because I don’t have to imagine if what I want to buy fits me because I can try it at the store. When I heard about Shopkick, I was blown away as it has made my life even better. It is an app that gave me a way for me to make money while just window shopping at my favorite stores.

I love using cashback apps and I have earned rebates from simply purchasing at stores. One of the cashback apps I like is Fluz. The Fluz app is a flexible rewards program that allows me to stack my cashback to earn more and save more. I have used Fluz in combination with other cashback apps such as Rakuten, BeFrugal, and many more. I have been so happy with the results as it is also so easy to use.

But today, I will give you more details about Shopkick because for me, this is a little different than your regular cashback app and it is so easy to use, too and sometimes, you don’t even have to spend money for you to get your points up to get a gift card. I will explain how it works and if it is worth it in this Shopkick review.

A little bit about me…

I like earning money with little effort while doing the things I normally do such as shopping online, dining out, or traveling. I also joined the Local Guides, because I like helping people by sharing important information when it comes to traveling and food.

And with this program, through my Map reviews and photos, I have helped a lot of people save money and earn rewards. That is why I would like to share with you this detailed Shopkick review because it has helped me save money and earn gift cards.

What Is Shopkick All About?

Shopkick is a free app that lets you earn points called ‘kicks’ for checking inDownload Fluz at certain locations, scanning some items in the store, scanning receipts of your purchases, linking a card to the app, buying products using your linked card, watching videos in the app, visiting online shops and referring friends and families to use Shopkick.

The easiest way to get your kicks up is to open the Shopkick app before you enter the store and check the app to see if you can scan some items to earn kicks right away. It takes you 250 kicks to earn $1 in a gift card and some cards can be redeemed for having 500 kicks only while most require 1,250 kicks to redeem a $5 gift card.

How Does Shopkick Work?

The first step is you must download and join Shopkick. Click this link to install Shopkick now. This app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

You can easily sign up with Shopkick but first, it requires you to allow location services for them to show you the stores and offers in your area and Shopkick needs you to enable your location for it to work.

You can sign up with your Facebook, or Google account or create an account by putting in your full name, your email address, and your desired password and click ‘Create Account’. Then, you might receive an email asking you to verify your account, just simply click the link to confirm your account.

After that, it leads you to a page where you can see the things you can do to earn more kicks such as by simply walking into stores, scanning items and receipts, etc. You also have to turn on your Bluetooth when you walk into the stores for it to work. When you buy items and scan your receipts, you earn more kicks too.

what is shopkick all about

Most of the major stores offer rewards to users who visit Best Buy, CVS, Meijer, Aldi, Whole Foods, Walmart, Costco, Target, Kroger, and Sam’s Club.

Earning Your Kicks By Linking A Card

One of the fastest ways to earn your kicks faster is to link your Visa or MasterCard with your Shopkick account.

You can earn kicks with every dollar you spent in any of the participating stores partnered with Shopkick. You can link a debit card but you need to run it as a credit card when you are purchasing for you to earn the kicks.

Earning Kicks Through Store Walk-In and Product Scanning

Every time you walk into a store, always check your Shopkick app. By just opening the app while you are at the store, you already earn up to 10 kicks.

Also, there are some random items listed where you can scan and earn kicks right away with no purchases required. I like earning kicks by just randomly checking some items in the store.

Most items you need to scan are easy items like magazines, candies, produce cleaning products, or beauty items, and many more. This makes it so easy to earn kicks.

You can also easily check your kicks by going to your Kicks Activities or history by going to your notifications or the bell icon and click on ‘Kicks Activity’.

Earning Kicks By Watching Videos

Not only that, but you can also earn kicks by simply watching videos. Sometimes, bonus kicks show up after you scan an item and all you have to do is watch a quick video.

Also, you can go to the Discover option and see what are other video options you can watch in your free time and earn more kicks.

The videos featured in Shopkick are so easy to watch. They are all very short and are very interesting and helpful.

One of my favorite videos are about how to make snacks for picky eaters, meditation, and work out techniques, easy recipes to make and DIY tricks at home.

You don’t only earn kicks but you also learn a lot of techniques and cool stuff. This stuff is a win-win situation.

Earning Kicks Through Store Purchases

Purchasing a product is not hard to do especially if you are on your scheduled grocery trip. Just like me, I grocery shop once a week, and every time I go to a store, I always make sure to open the Shopkick app. Items that I always buy such as produce, cleaning products, snacks, or candies earn me more kicks.

All you have to do is first claim your offer, then purchase the featured item and submit the receipt by scanning it into the app. This is the fastest way to earn more kicks. Just take note that processing time after scanning your receipt may take up to 48 hours.

For long receipts, you can add a section when you take photos to make sure you can capture from top to bottom. You can take multiple pictures of the same receipt as it is important that the chain name of the store and location, the date and time, and the featured item and prices can be seen in the receipt. Also, make sure that the photo and all the items needed in the receipt are clear and not blurry.

Earning Kicks Through Online Shopping

You can earn kicks from your purchases online at specified merchant websites.

You can earn kicks for every dollar you spend buying from partnered retailers through Shopkick. Sometimes, they would feature limited deals like earning 14 kicks per dollar spent so always stay tuned and check ‘Kicks at Online Stores’.

All you have to do is click the store you want to shop online from Shopkick. Then, it will direct you to a page where it features the deals and just click ‘Shop Now’ and it will direct you to the website where you can shop as you normally do.

Just make sure you open Shopkick first and shop from there so you can earn the kicks.

 Pros & Cons of Shopkick

One of the main advantages of using Shopkick is that the app is so easy to use and it’s free. Also, there are a lot of offers where you can earn kicks or points without even spending money.

There is very little effort needed because everybody buys groceries every week and goes to a store. The storage options are great and there are so many ways to earn money by earning more kicks.

The only thing I am not positive about using Shopkick is the fact that you can only get a gift card as a reward while other cashback apps can give you cash if you want to or stocks. Also, some items have limits on how many you can purchase or scan.

But despite some drawbacks,  I like using Shopkick because I shop a lot and for me, using Shopkick is like doing what I already love to do plus I get rewarded too.

My Shopkick Review Final Recommendations

In this Shopkick review, we talked about the ways of earning rewards in this app and how the app works.

To answer if Shopkick is worth it, I can say “Yes, Of course”. The app is free and so easy to use and requires no extra effort at all and sometimes you don’t even have to spend just to get points or kicks.

Another way to boost your savings and the rewards you earn from Shopkick is to pair it to a credit card that also gives cash rewards when you shop.

That’s a reward stacking technique and speaking of stacking cash back, I like using the Fluz app among other cashback programs. Fluz gives me double cashback opportunities most of the time. All I have to do is to buy a gift card from Fluz and use it to shop in other cashback apps like Rakuten and BeFrugal. This helps me save a lot more money. If you would like to read more about Fluz, you can ready my Fluz app review.

Going back, I have been using Shopkick and have earned a lot of kicks and redeemed gift cards which I used for my grocery purchases too. It saved me a lot of money already even by just doing simple scanning and visiting the stores.

This can happen to you too! Just simply download the app to experience Shopkick now!

Also, tell me if this Shopkick review helped you to get to know the app more and found more ways to earn rewards and save money. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below after using Shopkick.

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