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iconsumer review

Are you wondering “Is iConsumer legit?” That is what I will reveal to you in this detailed iConsumer Review.

With so many choices which Cash back apps to enroll in, it can be overwhelming. It is no doubt that people have been so interested in using cashback programs lately. Who does not want to earn rewards after shopping? Who would not want to earn money with just a little effort? You are already doing what you normally do plus you get cash back. That is one of the greatest advantages of using cash back apps.

Personally, among all the programs to choose from, I like using Fluz. It is a flexible app that allows me to stack my cashback to earn more rewards. But when I heard about an app that gives stocks as rewards as well as cash back, I was blown away. The app I am talking about is no other than iConsumer. It has impressed me with the rewards I got such as stocks and cash at the same time! Join me today as I give you all the details, I know about this app in this iConsumer review.

Getting stocks as a reward after shopping is amazing. iConsumer gives you more than just cash but also rewards its members with stocks at the same time. I know you want to hear more about this app, that is why I will give you a complete iConsumer review for you to know if it is worth it to join in this app.

A little about me…

I like earning rewards doing the things I normally do such as shopping. I have been continuously in the search for ways to earn rewards while I go online shopping, dining out or traveling. I also joined the Local Guides, because I like helping people when it comes to making better decisions in traveling and food. Through this program, I help people in different ways such as getting the best deals on travel and food through my Map reviews and photos. I like helping people save money and earn rewards. That is why when I found out the benefits I can get when I shop through iConsumer, it inspired me to write this detailed iConsumer review. iConsumer helped me save money and earn stocks while I shop online. I also like this cash back app because it is so easy to use. I will not make you wait any longer, my iConsumer review starts below.

What Is iConsumer All About?

iConsumer is a cash back rewards platform with a mission to give its members cash back and an important investment opportunity through stocks. iConsumer founders believe that the world would be better if more people are involved in our economy.

Members earn ownership in iConsumer (shares) and become shareholders and earn cashback every time they shop at participating online retailers. In addition, if you join iConsumer, you also save money with coupons and deals.

But, what does it really mean to own a stock? Most people have not invested yet so this maybe your chance to finally become a shareholder. Others may feel uncomfortable at first but worry no more because iConsumer’s founders also created a website to give you tools and knowledge to get you started and it is called Shareholder Academy.

How Does iConsumer Work?

To start earning cash back and stocks, you must first join iConsumer. You can install the iConsumer app for both iOS and Android smart phones and tablets and you can also use your desktop and go to iConsumer.com.

You can easily sign up by clicking the ‘Start Earning Today’ button in your desktop or laptop or simply click this link to earn your iConsumer bonus right away. Then, it will lead you to the ‘New Member Registration’ Page where you can sign up with your Facebook account or simply put in your email address and your desired password, and the Referring Member Email or Code. To complete, click the ‘Sign Up’ button and you are done.

For your stock to be issued and transferred to you and you are a US resident, iConsumer will need your social security number as it is required by the federal government. However, take note that iConsumer does not need your SSN to give you your rebates.

After you shop in the participating stores, within a week after your transaction, your iConsumer transaction is reported to you. You can see your shopping transactions when you go to ‘Dashboard’. Initially, your rebates will say ‘pending’ then after 75 days or after the merchant has processed your transactions with iConsumer, the status will change to ‘earned’.

You can get your cash back via check or bitcoin. Take note, you can only get your cash back when you reach $25. iConsumer mails checks once a month no sooner than 90 days after your transaction has been reported to them.

iConsumer on Desktop and Mobile

iConsumer also created a button for your browser that automatically tells participating stores to direct your shopping through iConsumer for you to get your stocks and cash backs! All you must do is download the iConsumer button and its free, too. After you have installed the iConsumer button, you will see the iConsumer logo just like in the example below:

The iConsumer app is also totally free to install and easy to use. Sign up in your phone to get your bonuses now by simply putting in nOcWeS as your referral code. Once you have downloaded the iConsumer app, and signed in, you can edit your Settings, view your Dashboard, and tell your friends about iConsumer.

With the app’s new feature, it allows you to earn Stock Back even when you forget to use the app and shop from your mobile browser. With the iConsumer app, it is like a set-it-and-forget-it platform. Isn’t that amazing? You do not have to worry about forgetting to turn on the feature because it automatically works in your phone!

iConsumer just made your shopping experience even better in your smart phone as it will let you know that you have an earning opportunity whenever you shop in their retailers. You will be prompted to click the button to activate your rebate, so you do not miss out. What a great reminder when you shop! All you must do is turn on the iConsumer Reminder Feature and it will take you to the phone’s accessibility settings screen then scroll that screen until you find iConsumer labeled under Services. Click it to see the on/off switch feature and set it on so you will not miss any earning opportunities in your phone!

Pros & Cons of iConsumer

What I like about iConsumer is the fact that it does not only give cash back and savings from coupons, but it also gives stocks as rewards. iConsumer is also free to use and their mobile app and desktop buttons can make any shopping experience better with the set-it-and-forget-it feature.

iConsumer on its own already gives a lot of rewards. On top of that, iConsumer also gives $10 and up to 250 shares of stock if you invite your friends and family members to join. You can also earn 100 shares once they try the iConsumer button on their desktop for 6 months with no purchase necessary. I even found a very cool iConsumer course on Udemy that will teach you how to get up to 100 people per month signed up in iConsumer, so you can earn thousands of iConsumer stock without even trying. There are so many reasons to try this cashback app!

Another thing is that you can also stack iConsumer with other cashback apps, just like Fluz. Buy a gift card from Fluz and use that gift card in your online shopping purchases in iConsumer participating stores and also use their coupon deals and once your cashback is confirmed, you get double money back plus stocks, too! Another reason to not miss this app!

The real catch for me is that once iConsumer goes public and if the stocks end up close to the estimated value, then the rebates earned from iConsumer are double the displayed cash back rate. You can really profit very well from iConsumer.

But with all these advantages from iConsumer, I can say that one of the drawbacks is the fact that it takes a longer time for you to get your rebates compared to other cash back apps. Another thing to note is that you must reach at least $25 for you to get your rebates. Also, there are only two ways to get your cash back, either through checks or bitcoin and with this, other cashback apps win over iConsumer for having more options for methods of payment for cash back.

iConsumer Review – Final Recommendations

To answer the question if this cashback app is worth your time in this iConsumer review, I can say it depends on you. This app is worth your time if you like earning stocks and be a co-owner in a company. This app will not only give you savings through its coupon deals but also gives you rewards in form of cash and stocks which you cannot always find in most cash back apps.

For me, I like iConsumer because the commitment in using this app is little and with the thought that I get rewarded by already doing what I like to do which is shopping. I mean why not? Who does not want to earn money and stocks by simply shopping? Right?

Another thing that I like about iConsumer is the fact that I can use cashback apps like Fluz to stack my rewards. Fluz is my favorite cash back app because of the cash back stacking opportunities it gives.

I think iConsumer is worth my time as it is a useful app to save money and earn cashback and stocks as rewards. I would recommend that you try it. Let me know what you think about iConsumer. Also, tell me if this iConsumer review has helped you learn more about this cash back app and let me know if you have any questions and share your experience using iConsumer in the comments below.

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