How To Use Cashback Apps | 6 Easy Steps To Earn More

how to use cashback apps

Spending in the face of day to day needs like food, clothing, and entertainment is inevitable. And most are the times we spend on online goods without getting bonuses or CashBack rewards. Something that these cashback apps seek to evaluate, and therefore we’ve taken upon ourselves to teach shoppers how to use cashback apps through these top five best CashBack Apps:


Fluz is a new CashBack app in the market that has shown potential towards helping shoppers make your money back. Shoppers are only required to link Fluz to their credit or debit cards so that with every purchase, they earn some real money. These include movies, shoes, food, etc. Alternatively, they can invite their friends through the referral system and earn from their purchases too.

This app is my favorite one because you can combine the cashback you earn from Rakuten, iConsumer, BeFrugal, or some other cashback app, with Fluz. So you can basically “Triple Dip” on your savings by using the Fluz app. If you haven’t downloaded the Fluz app, I highly suggest you do it. Click Here To Sign Up For Fluz.

Pros of Fluz

  • It is free to sign up
  • Users can easily search for products using keywords
  • Users can access up products within up to 60 miles around them
  • Money earned is paid out through PayPal or in the form of cryptocurrency
  • Users can easily monitor earnings through the network

Cons of Fluz

  • Since this app was only launched in the last couple of year, they are still under development.
  • Fluz is advertising features that haven’t launched yet
  • Depending on your market, some retailers are not available. For example, Fluz covers all the United States, but not all retailers are available in the Canadian market.


Rakuten CashBack app targets online shoppers looking to earn up to 40% money back on purchases. There is an up to 10 dollars bonus on the first 25 dollars worth of goods bought within the first 90 days after signing up.

Pros of Rakuten

The sign-up process for takes up to a minute, and users find themselves stuck with only 2,500 retailers to shop from

Cons of Rakuten

Payments are only made quarterly

Fetch Rewards

Shoppers earn through Fetch Rewards by merely taking a photo of their receipts after their local grocery shopping. Users can make as low as few 3,000 points from three packs of toilet paper then request to cash out for a gift card to retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Pros of Fetch Rewards

It is super easy to use granted that all that users are required to do is take a picture of their receipts.

Cons of Fetch Rewards

The receipts are only valid for 14 days

Saving Star

The Saving Star app mainly targets loyal customers. All they have to do is get a loyalty card to be able to earn automatic rebates. These you can either donate for charity transfer to your bank account or PayPal.

Pros of Saving Star

  • Shoppers are only required to scan their loyalty cards to enjoy bonuses and rewards available on the app.

Cons of Saving Star

  • Most of the offers available are attached to the conditions like bulk buying
  • Offers are not categorized, resulting in hours of endless browsing for offers.


The Drop CashBack app targets impulse buyers. All they have to do is shop at a connected retail store to earn points which they could later exchange for gift cards for Amazon or Starbucks.

Pros of Drop

  • Drop is automatic in that shoppers only need to shop at a connected retailer shop with the connected debit or credit card to earn.

Cons of Drop

  • Users are limited to earning points from only five stores that they are required to fill up during the signup process.

How To Use Cashback Apps – Follow These Steps

Most of these CashBack Apps are tied up to limitations that might hinder the shoppers’ ability to maximize on getting their money back. Follow these steps to earn the Maximum cashback and savings:

  1. Go to the Vendor website you wish to shop at and add your items to your cart.
  2. Use any coupons you can find online.
  3. Enter your Loyalty card membership for additional rewards for your purchase.
  4. Activate your cashback through Rakuten, or some other cashback app you like.
  5. Purchase a gift card through the Fluz app.
  6. Use the gift card to complete your purchase.

Most people can save a lot of money from their purchases using this simple method. But you must follow the steps for you to earn the most cashback from your purchases. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up for the Fluz app, so you can earn more from your shopping, groceries, travel, and more.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to use cashback apps, and you are now empowered to use the apps I have recommended helping you save money. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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