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Honey App Review

Are you looking for the best price for a product you wanted to purchase online? Are you having trouble with which coupon code works? Well, I have the answer right here in this Honey review.

With the Online Business booming industry, it is indeed no doubt that websites or apps such as Honey have been a great help in finding the best deals out there to help you save money and time. Why waste hours scrolling in your computer or phone to look for coupon codes if, by just one click in Honey, you can get the results that you need?

Today, I will talk about Honey and how it can help you with your online shopping trips. I will also be discuss how you can combine Honey with a neat little smarthone app, to double or even triple your savings.

A little bit about me…

I have always loved traveling and with my experience working in the Tourism Industry, I have found many ways to help others save money and time on their trips and travels. That is why I joined the Local Guides because I love helping people. Through the program, I help potential customers and travelers make a decision on which places to go for the products they are looking for through my Map reviews and photos. When I found out about Honey, I was blown away because I know it can help a lot of people save time and money shopping online. And that is what I am going to help you with today, save time and money!

What Is Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that provides you with the best deals and Download Fluzcoupons found on the internet. With just one click, Honey automatically finds checks, and applies the best deals and coupon codes at checkout. It also can help you find the best prices even on Amazon! Isn’t that awesome?

Also, with Honey Gold, the free rewards program offered by Honey, you can earn rewards by doing the things you normally do, which is shopping. If you have earned 1,000 or more Honey Gold, you can redeem it for an e-gift card. Just go to your Account Overview Page or the Honey Gold Tab to see how much Honey Gold you have earned and how much e-gift card you can get.

With Honey, you do not only save time and money, but you can also redeem rewards through e-gift cards. Just click your chosen store and choose the amount of Honey Gold you would like to redeem. Then, you will receive an email from Honey about your e-gift card within 24 hours. Now, how cool is that to save money and earn e-gift cards at the same time? You can only do this by using Honey!

How Does Honey Work

If you are using your phone, all you must do is download the Honey app available to both App Store and Play Store and sign up. Honey also has free browser extensions to help you save money faster while shopping on your computer or laptop. Honey offers a wide range of browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. The extension surveys your online purchases in real-time to make sure you are getting the best price or deal. As you go through the checkout process, Honey searches the web for coupon codes, deals, and discounts that could be applied to your purchases.

To make the most of the Honey App, you can also earn rewards by referring a friend aside from shopping. Earning more Honey Gold rewards means more opportunity to earn e-gift cards. Each qualified referral earns you 500 Honey Gold which is equal to $5 e-gift card. Also, if you refer two friends and when they earn Honey Gold on their first purchases, you can earn $10 in e-gift cards. You can refer up to 200 friends and earn up to $1,000 in e-gift cards! Isn’t that sweet?

Honey Sign Up Steps

It is so easy to create an account in Honey. Click this link to get your sign-up bonus rewards. Install the app and put in your email address and create your own password, or join by linking your Google, Facebook, PayPal, or Apple Account. Once signed in, it gives you the options to shop by store, by category, by trending and bestseller products, bargains, and new arrivals.

To make sure Honey is working in your browser, check for an ‘h’ icon in the upper right corner of your toolbar if your using browsers. If the ‘h’ icon is orange that means Honey is supported on that shopping website and available coupons will show green. Once Honey is successfully enabled, you are all set to shop.

You can either shop through Honey or go to your favorite shopping site. Using Honey on shopping websites, you must click the ‘h’ icon so you can see all the available coupons then click apply coupons option then check out as you normally do. You will be able to see that the discount coupon code is applied to the item you selected to purchase and is now in a reduced price than the previous amount you are supposed to pay.

How Honey Works on Amazon

With Honey on Amazon, it is your best shopping assistant ever! Not only on regular shopping sites but it offers customized Honey tools for your Amazon shopping trips. It helps you find savings through (1) Best Price Detection, (2) Price History, and (3) Droplist Honey tools. These are all available in Amazon.com.

With Best Price Detection turned on, you can find the best price of the product you are looking into. Different sellers, most of the time, sell the same product in Amazon and others sell it for a lesser price than the default option you can see in Amazon. Honey compares competing prices of the items you are viewing such as color, size, and features. When choosing the best price, it also investigates your Amazon Prime shipping benefits.

Price History checks price changes of the Amazon Product for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Honey can show you when and where price fluctuations happen on a specific Amazon product in a time period.

The last Honey tool is Droplist. It lets you see Amazon product’s price movements if it drops. It lets you know if the price of an Amazon product drops below the amount you choose.

With all these customized tools, Honey is your Amazon shopping assistant that helps you save time and money, making your life easier!

Pros & Cons of Honey

The advantages of using Honey include the fact that it is amazingly simple and easy to download, and it takes no time for this app to run. You can save a lot of time by using Honey because while you are shopping, the app will automatically run in the background and search for discount coupons and deals available for you to use. Honey works in more than 40,000 shopping sites and it will just pop up once enabled and it automatically gives you options to save money in no time. With all the benefits and assistance, you get from Honey, I can say it is one of the best apps to use while shopping online plus it is totally free!

Using Honey is amazing, however, sometimes some of the discount codes on their website might have already expired and no longer work so that can be frustrating. Also, there are a few shopping webs sites where Honey is not available to be used.

My Final Recommendations For Using Honey

This is my complete Honey review. Overall, I can say Honey is a great and an especially useful app to save time and money. Especially when used in combination with free-to-use smartphone apps like Fluz. It is also extremely easy to use and works in no time at all. You should give it a try and let me know what you think after using Honey. Do not forget to click this link to get your sign-up bonus and share your experience with the Honey app in the comments below.

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