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dosh review

Do you like to look for ways to maximize your shopping savings? Wouldn’t it be awesome to shop and get money back from your shopping trip? Getting cashback from your normal shopping routine sounds exciting, isn’t it? Today, I will share with you everything I know in this Dosh review.

It is indeed amazing that by doing things you normally do; you can get cashback out from it. Websites or apps such as Fluz have been a great help in giving cashback, and now, I will discuss another app, called Dosh. In this detailed Dosh review, I will show you how the app has been proven out there, to help you get cashback while you shop.

A little bit about me…

Being a graduate in the field of Tourism, I have always loved to travel, and I have been continuously looking for ways to save money on my trips. That is why I joined the Local Guides because I love traveling and at the same time, I love helping people on their trips. Through the program, I help travelers through my Map reviews and photos by giving them tips on what to do best if they travel to a location and help them in some ways on how they could save more on their trips. When I discovered Dosh, I was impressed because It helped me save money shopping online and especially booking my hotels on my trips. It has impressive cashback rates for Hotels! And today, I will help you get to know Dosh more so that you can earn money through cashback from your shopping and trips, too!

What Is Dosh?

Dosh is a money-back app that links your card and has partnered with merchants and hotels to provide you with cashback offers. I was founded in 2016 and has grown so fast as one of the top competitors in the world of cashback programs. Dosh has combined top deals from local merchants, both in stores and online, plus big savings at hotels around the world. All you must do is link your qualifying cards and shop like you normally do and start earning cashback. Isn’t that sweet?

How Does Dosh Work

Using your phone, all you must do is install the Dosh app available on both the App Store and Google Play Store and sign up. Click this link to easily sign up. After downloading the app, all you must do is click the ‘Join’ button on the bottom part of your screen or click the ‘Join Dosh’ button on the upper right corner of your screen.

How to join the Dosh App

Then, it will ask for your phone number to sign up for Dosh to verify if you are a real person. The next step is to enter the code Dosh sent to your phone number and complete your account by putting in your first and last name, your email address, and the password you want to use to log in to the app. Enter our referral code REISENJ1 to sign up. The last step is to agree to the Dosh Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. Then, click the ‘Create My Account’ button to finish signing up. Also, do not forget to verify your email address. Confirm your email address by clicking the ‘Confirm Your Email’ button on the email they sent you.

Once logged in, Dosh will ask you to turn on your location services to makeDownload Fluz sure you earn the most cash back wherever you are located or wherever you go. Then, it will ask for your Credit or Debit Card Number. Dosh wants you to link your credit or debit cards so you can start earning cashback. You can link as many cards as you like and even if you are already earning rewards on a linked card (Examples are cashback offers from your credit card company), you can stack your money earned from Dosh to earn more from your shopping trips. Take note, even if you link your debit card, you must complete your transaction as a credit to earn cashback.

You can only unlock your offers if you link your card. The step to use Dosh app is amazingly simple. Link your card by adding it in the Dosh app, use your card when you shop in stores or online and get cashback!

You do not have to worry about the safety of your card information because Dosh has bank-level encryption technology that is fully secured. Dosh is compatible with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards and you can use them for both in-store and online shopping. This is the easiest cashback app to use because unlike other cashback apps that requires you to activate the cashback offer for you to get payback, Dosh only needs you to link your card and you are all set. You can get cash back on any qualifying purchases easily than other apps because Dosh was created in a set-it-and-forget-it structure, meaning once you link your qualifying card, you can shop as normal and get cash backs with no deal activation needed.

To see your total cashback balance available in your account and the purchases or transactions that you made, go to your Dosh wallet. The Dosh Wallet option can be found at the bottom of your phone screen. You will need to meet the $25 minimum balance for you to redeem the cashback that you have earned using the Dosh app. You can get your cashback rewards through your PayPal, Venmo, or bank account.

Dosh Review on Reserving Hotels

I have never seen any cashback offer for hotels as good as Dosh. It is probably the best one for me so far. Dosh offers awesome rates for cashback especially when it comes to hotel reservations. By using Dosh to book your Hotel Stay, you can get cashback up to 40% meaning that can save you up to 40% of what you paid for.

Some listing shows additional booking bonuses available. Most of the time, Dosh will show you the price per night, and total cash back you can earn.

dosh hotel deals

Cashback rates can vary by the date and the property. Take note, if you are willing to do some more digging, looking for the best deal, you might be able to find the best cashback offer you have been searching for. Just like any other booking website, you can filter properties or put in your preferred destination and travel dates.

booking your reservation with dosh

Take note, all hotel reservations made by using the Dosh app are non-refundable and are prepaid and you will not be able to change your reservation dates.

Pros & Cons of Dosh

We are almost at the end of my Dosh review content, I will now discuss the pros and cons.

Drawbacks from using Dosh especially from booking hotels is the fact that you cannot change your reservations or cancel it for a refund. Also, you will not be able to receive Hotel Elite benefits because you have booked using a third-party website. Some debit cards do not earn rewards if they cannot be processed as credit for some reason, so you must take note of this before using Dosh. Also, for now, Dosh cannot be linked to a Discover Card so that also counts as a drawback for me because Discover cards also give great cashback so the fact that I won’t be able to stack that cashback with my earnings from Dosh is not going to make me a happy camper.

However, what makes Dosh better than other cashback apps is the set and forget feature that it offers, where you don’t have to worry about activating any offers for you to make sure you get your cashback. All you must do is link your card and use that same card when you shop. Also, just like other cashback apps, Dosh is a very secure app for your credit or debit card so stay calm and do not worry, just go, and shop! It is also one of the best apps that offer great cashback deals on hotels.

You can also stack Dosh with your credit card cashback rewards. By doing this cashback stacking strategy, you will be able to get the most of using Dosh. Take note, always choose credit when swiping your card to make sure you get the best deals.

Final Recommendations On Using The Dosh App

In conclusion, I can say in this Dosh review, the app is a great rewards program and is especially useful to save money through cashback earnings. In some cases, it can also be stacked with other cashback apps such as Fluz. Fluz is my favorite app because I can use it to stack with a whole lot of cashback apps to choose from. It is also extremely easy to use too.

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But I also admire the set and forget feature that Dosh offers. For you to know if this is the best app for you, I suggest you should give it a try and let me know what you think after using Dosh. Do not forget to click this link to sign up and tell me about your experience using the Dosh app in the comments below.

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