Checkout 51 Review | A Complete Checkout 51 App Review

checkout 51 review

Do you always search for coupons and deals online? Are you already annoyed that you miss the deal? Worry no more because today, I will share with you a complete Checkout 51 review.

Each one of us buys groceries every week so it is especially important to find money-saving ways to help us save some bucks or even get freebies! There are so many cashback websites or apps such as Fluz that have become extremely popular nowadays. Fluz has been an immense help to me because I can stack my cashback and earn even better. But recently, I discovered this grocery cash back app, called Checkout 51. It made me even happier and saves me even more money!

A little about me…

I am always into saving money. I have been continuously looking for ways to save money in getting groceries, shopping online, dining out, or traveling. I also joined Local Guides Connect, because of my love for traveling and food. By joining this program, I help people through my Map reviews and photos and give them tips about dining out and traveling. I want to help with how others can save more on their trips and dining out. When I found out the savings, I got from Checkout 51, I was inspired to write a detailed Checkout 51 review because It helped me a lot to save money on my groceries. I am impressed with this cashback app because it is so fun, quick, and easy to. It is like your digital coupons but even better because you do not even have to show your coupons at the store to get cashback. Plus, they send the savings to you! And today is your lucky day, because I searched about this apps, tried it, and compiled all information to give you a complete Checkout 51 review.

What Is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a money-back app that was made to help you save on groceries and household goods. It was founded in 2012 and has grown so fast and has partnered with brands to give you the best cashback deals.

How Does Checkout 51 Work?

The first step is to install the app on your phone from the App Store or Play Store.

After downloading the app or opening the website, you can sign up with Download Fluzyour Facebook or Google account or your email address. Then create an account by putting in your first and last name, your email address, your desired password, and your gender and hit the ‘Done’ button.

Checkout 51 needs you to enable your location and it will verify which offers to provide to you basing on your state or area. It is currently available in Canada and all 50 states in the US. It will also ask you questions like who you are shopping for (including yourself and other family members so they can give you the best deals), and your birthdate to give you surprise deals on your special day too. Don’t forget to verify your email address to get the best deals.

Then, browse the deals available and purchase products at any store. Upload your receipt using Checkout 51 and they will confirm your purchase and credit your account. You can cash out once your account has reached $20. Checkout 51 will email you the check.

Take note, deals go live every Thursday midnight in each time zone. They expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM and you must upload your receipts while the offers are live. Always check if some offers can be used multiple times. Tap into the offer to see its claim limit. Also remember that each receipt can only be used once and should be uploaded on either English, French or Spanish. Also please read very carefully and make sure you are buying the right product on the offer because you can only get cashback for the exact item listed.

You can also send a Walmart Pickup Order by taking screenshots of your Walmart E-commerce receipt. Take note that Walmart e-commerce receipts can only be sent through the checkout 51 websites using a desktop or laptop and receipts can take up to 5 days to process.

Not only that but you can also earn $2 for uploading your first receipt and earn $1 for your next 3 receipts within 30 days of joining. That is a pretty reward to start. Isn’t that awesome?

Pros & Cons of Checkout 51

The wonderful thing about Checkout 51 is that you can stack it with other cashback apps. You can combine it with any other coupons or discounts unless otherwise said and you can tap into the deals to see any conditions. For example, you can use the Fluz app and buy a gift card and use that gift card to buy in a store and get an offer in Checkout 51 and send them the receipt, and once confirmed, you get double cash back!

Another thing is that you can also earn cashback even if you pay using food stamps. The method of payment does not matter in Checkout 51 apps, you can use it even if you don’t pay using cash or card on groceries.

The program is not stored specifically so you can go to any store and find the item in the offer. The app is free to use as well. You don’t have to worry for any membership or sign up fees, Checkout 51 is free to upload and use.

Also, Checkout 51 has reached out to some of the top gas brands to give you more cashback. Savings can vary by location so make sure to always scan the map to see which gas stations are offering the best deals. Make sure you buy gas within 4 hours of adding your offer and pay using your credit or debit card. Take note to also upload your receipt within 24 hours of adding your deal to earn that cash back. You can also move your map to see savings in other nearby gas stations and make sure to pay with a cashback credit card to maximize your savings and get double cash back at the pump!

The drawbacks include some offers are only in limited quantities and sometimes when you head to the store, the offer may no longer be available. Also, not all brands are available, and you must wait for 2-3 weeks to get your check and wait for your cashback to reach $20 before you can cash out.

My Checkout 51 Review – Final Recommendations

In this Checkout 51 review, I can say that it is a great, useful app to save money on groceries and even on gas through cashback rewards. What I like is the fact that it can also be stacked with other cashback apps such as Fluz. Fluz is my favorite app because of the cashback stacking options and flexibility of the app. Still, if you love couponing and saving money, this the best app for you. I recommend you try it and let me know what you think after using Checkout 51. Also, do not forget to click this link to sign up and get your $5 reward and tell me if you find this Checkout 51 review helpful. Let me know if you have questions or share with me your experience using the Checkout 51 app in the comments below.

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