BeFrugal Review | 2x Your Cashback With This Cool Trick

BeFrugal ReviewCashback apps and websites have become extremely popular especially because they were built for you to make money while you shop. And who does not like the idea of earning cash while doing something you already normally do such as shopping?

With so many cashback sites and apps to choose from right now, it is hard to know which one is the best.

Today, I will mainly focus on a BeFrugal review. You guys probably heard of this app but if you have not, this is your lucky day because I am going to provide a detailed review of the BeFrugal. I will also be showing you how you can double or even triple your cashback by combining BeFrugal with a little-known gift card app called Fluz.

A little bit about me…

I loved traveling and being a graduate in the field of Tourism, I have always looked for ways to budget my trips and travels. That is why I joined the Local Guides because it is what I love to do. Through the program, I help edit the map, help customers and travelers through my reviews and photos. When I discovered the BeFrugal App, I got curious about it and researched it. Now, from my experience, I am going to share everything I know about BeFrugal here so stay tuned and keep reading!

What Is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is a cashback and coupon website and app that provides you cashback when you shop online. It started way back in 2009 and its headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts.

You can shop online in BeFrugal to find coupon codes, product deals, print grocery coupons, and earn cashback. This is like an all in one website. No wonder why Befrugal received an A rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau). This company has earned a great reputation globally. So why shop elsewhere if you can shop through BeFrugal and earn cashback and get deals and coupons?

How Does BeFrugal Work?

Signing up for BeFrugal works the same as your other cashback websites and apps. For example, instead of going to Macy’s website, you open BeFrugal first then click ‘shop now’ to go to Macy’s website and then shop as normal. Complete your transaction and your cash reward will be added into your account within 7 days.

How Do You Earn Money with BeFrugal?

To get started, all you must do is sign up in BeFrugal using your email address. Do not forget to click this link to get your bonus when signing up in BeFrugal. BeFrugal has a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that alerts you about any cashback offers on a retail website you visit. It also has an android and iPhone app that you can easily download on your phone.

Once you are done creating an account for BeFrugal, click ‘shop now’ where you want to shop and it will lead you to the retail website then make purchases and you will get your cashback within a week.

You can also earn extra income through BeFrugal’s referral program. BeFrugal’s refer-a-friend program gives you $10 after you invite a friend and they earn up to $10 cashback. Not only you but also your friend can get a $10 sign up bonus if they earn that $10 in cash back. It is a win-win situation! What are you waiting to start referring friends after you sign up!

You can save more by stacking your savings, too. For example, combine loyalty programs in your retail website (ex. Macy’s rewards), and coupons with your cash back savings and this gives you major savings! Let us say you shopped and purchased in Macy’s after visiting BeFrugal and spent $300 at 25% cashback on a product, you can earn $75 back plus your benefits through your Macy’s rewards. That is a super saving deal, agree?

Another way to earn extra is through cashback stacking by combining the Fluz App with BeFrugal. For example, purchase an “exact amount” or a gift card amount through the Fluz App and use the gift card for your BeFrugal purposes. Let’s say you bought $100 gift card from Fluz at 20% cashback ($25 cashback) then you visit BeFrugal and click ‘Shop Now’ for Macy’s and spent your gift card to buy $80 worth of products at 30% cashback  ($24 cashback) in BeFrugal. You earn up to $49 cashback through cashback stacking instead of just only $24 from BeFrugal alone. Isn’t that amazing? There are so many ways to earn money through these cashback apps.

BeFrugal Signup Steps

It is so easy to sign up in BeFrugal. Click this link to get your bonus reward to sign up. Also, remember, you must be 18 years old and above, and you must have a working email address or join by linking your Facebook or Google Account. Then, you will be required to create a password. Once, you are done, it will take you to the dashboard where you can see the cashback offers and coupons and choose where you want to shop. Take note, you must make sure that you activate BeFrugal whenever you shop.

If you are in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can add BeFrugal Button to your web browser, so you will not miss any cashback or coupon deals whenever you visit retail websites. Then the second step, once you activate BeFrugal, you can browse and choose from 5,000 retailers.

Third, Click on a coupon, deal or the ‘Shop Now’ button and shop as normal. Then, you are all set to get a cashback automatically added to your account. BeFrugal gives you options for deposit and one of the best ways where you can receive your money is through direct deposit, a gift card, a check, or PayPal. Also, take note that for BeFrugal to send your money through direct deposit, you must have at least $25 cashback.

Pros & Cons About BeFrugal

The first great thing about BeFrugal is the fact that it is totally free to sign up and so easy to use!

Second, you will instantly get a $10 bonus for joining and you can get a $10 bonus for each qualified new member you refer to.

Third, BeFrugal offers Coupon Guarantee and Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee. BeFrugal Coupon Guarantee will give you $5 if a discount does not work and you contacted within 24 hours and once, they verified the problem. Take note that the Eligibility Determination will be on BeFrugal’s sole discretion. According to the BeFrugal Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee, BeFrugal will match 125% of the higher cashback rate, if you make an eligible cash back purchase through BeFrugal and found a cashback rate higher on another cashback website. Take note that there should be a direct equivalent rate listed at BeFrugal, it limits one per store per member, with a maximum credit of $25 per transaction, and you must submit your claim within 24 hours of purchase.

Fourth, there are 5,000 stores to choose from and there are so many ways to save and earn money!

There are so many great things to talk about BeFrugal, however, I did not like the fact that it takes a week to get cashback to your account. Some cashback sites can give you cashback within 24 hours to 3 days but not too long like BeFrugal to wait for 7 days.

Another thing is that you need a minimum of $25 cashback in your account for you to receive your cash out through check or direct deposit.

Final Recommendations For Using BeFrugal

Overall, I can say BeFrugal is one of the best Cash Back Apps. There are so many ways to earn money and save money while shopping through BeFrugal. Don’t forget to sign up for Fluz as well so you can earn double or triple cash back.

Plus, not all cash back apps offer a guarantee like BeFrugal does.

The fact that it has been launched for more than a decade just shows it has made a great reputation and connected with more than 5,000 retailers to give you a wide range of options to shop on and best deals and savings to enjoy.

Let me know what you think after shopping through BeFrugal. Do not forget to click this link to get your bonus reward when signing up. Thanks for reading and help share this post to your friends for bigger savings and greater cashback earnings!

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