Apps Which Give Cashback On First Transaction

apps which give cashback on first transaction

Are you searching for apps which give cashback on first transaction? In this blog post, I’ll show you my top 3 favorite apps that will do just that.

These days, most people prefer reward and cashback apps as it helps them save more money with shopping online. These apps have changed the way consumers shop, and in earlier days, it was common seeing our parents try to save money while buying groceries. But people are no longer interested in clipping coupons as it wastes time, and the coupon papers rarely make it to our homes.

Though they’re not new, cashback sites have been reinvented and they now offer bonuses in a way that is more modern. These sites make it easier to save more money as you won’t have to complete tedious tasks like some online apps. Besides, you will earn money while doing something you enjoy: Shopping for items. So what are the apps which give cash back on the first transaction? Below is a list of the top three cashback apps.

Top Apps Which Give Cashback On First Transaction

1. Fluz

Fluz is a mobile cashback app that enables you to save money when you shop in some retailers. Fluz offers one of the most handsome cashback bonuses, and signing up for it is quite easy as you only need to fill your information and link your credit or debit card.

Besides, it works with major companies such as Nike, Starbucks, and others, enabling you to get bonuses every time you shop. Since companies offer varying cashback rates, you will see how much you have saved in the app. It’s also heavily encrypted, ensuring your information is safe from third parties, which may exploit it.

After completing the Fluz sign-up process, you will see a list of retailers near you, and you can then activate them so that you can earn back cash bonuses every time you shop. Fluz also offers cashback as of more than 30%, and you only need to find their referral code to enjoy the bonus.

2. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the most popular cashback apps in the market. It works with over 2,000 retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, eBay, Old Navy, and Home Depot. The list of retailers that work with MyPoints is enormous, and these examples are just an instance.

Each time you shop at any of the 2000+ stores, you will save money and redeem them at any time. These points can be redeemed as gift cards or as a credit to PayPal. Besides, sign up is free, and you will earn $10 as a bonus.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the last app on our review, which gives you cash back on your first transaction. You can earn money doing various activities on the app which includes taking part in surveys and watching short videos. This app is ideal for people who spend most of their time online, and there are many ways you can earn rewards. Make sure you check the useful tips on using Swagbucks so that you will benefit more from its use.

After giving you a brief overview of the top 3 apps that gives cash back on the first transaction, I can say Fluz is the best. It is a popular cashback app that enables you to save money on multiple purchases on a very easy way. You are already doing what you normally do, which is shopping but you get rewards at the same time, too. It comes with a sign-up bonus and works in plenty of popular stores such as Nike. Sign up for Fluz today and enjoy the amazing cashback bonuses.

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